Spring 2004
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Gitte Stald & Thomas Tufte (ed.): Global Encounters: Media and Cultural Transformation, Luton: University of Luton Press, ISBN 1 86020 587 9, 274pp, $21.70.

reviewed by Lina Khatib .

Shelley Streeby: American Sensations. Class, Empire and the Production of Popular Culture, Berkeley & London: University of California Press, ISBN 0-520-22945-2, 486pp, $25.00

reviewed by Ian Donachie.

Luke Strongman: The Booker Prize and the Legacy of Empire, Cross/Cultures: Readings in Post/Colonial Literatures in English, 54, Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi, ISBN: 90-420-1498-9, 486pp, $30.00.

reviewed by Paul Barlow.

Anne Fuchs: Playing the Market: The Market Theatre, Johannesburg, Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi, ISBN 90-420-1328-1, 297pp, $20.70.

reviewed by Muriel Rubin

Jacques Stephen Alexis (Translated by Carrol F Coates and Edwidge Danticat): In the Flicker of an Eyelid: A Novel, Richmond: University of Virginia Press, ISBN 0-8139-139-2, 277pp, $13.97.

reviewed by Paul Barlow

Poems: Kristina Rungana.

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