Spring 2004
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I do hope the readers will excuse the editors for the long delay in publishing this volume. There were several reasons for this delay and most of them were beyond our control.

The editors hope that the wait is rewarded and inconvenience compensated, at least partly, by the range and quality of the contents of the current volume. We tried to keep to the guiding principles of the journal, to focus on interdisciplinarity as a methodological tool and cover broadly two inter/multi-disciplinary areas in media and postcolonial studies.

The current volume has contributions from the fields of cultural studies, gender studies, religious studies and tourism studies. These academic areas emerged and (or) remain domains of interdisciplinary activity. Scholars working in these areas are constantly trying to retain the intellectual edge of inter/multi-disciplinary enquiry while institutional structures expand the ‘disciplinary’ status in terms of fitting into categories of funding regimes in teaching and learning and research. This issue also covers themes commonly foregrounded in interrogations of postcoloniality: intercultural marriage and displacement/ emplacement, ‘global humanitarian politics’, popular culture, the legacy of the Empire, and ‘borderlands’.

In terms of inclusion of material from and/ or about particular countries/ regions there is a wide coverage, from the UK to South Africa and from Zimbabwe to Iraq. There are reviews of theatre, and fiction, and original poetry in this volume.

I would like to thank our contributors and reviewers for their hard work and perceptive comments.

Looking ahead, for the next volume, we would like to welcome contributions on interdisciplinarity in learning, teaching and research. The deadline for submission is 31st October 2004, and the contributions should be around 7000 words (for articles) and 1000 words for book and conference reviews. We encourage inclusion of non-print illustrations. We would also like to hear from readers interested in reviewing books. We will try to match their interests/ expertise with the books we receive for review.


Dr Balasubramanyam Chandramohan
30th June 2004

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